Thursday, November 24, 2022


Seventh Electoral Session, Still No President


Lebanese MPs failed on Thursday at the end of a seventh dedicated parliamentary session to elect a successor to former President Michel Aoun, whose term expired on October 31.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri announced that an eighth vote would be held next Thursday, December 1.

was cast.A total of 110 MPs cast ballots on Thursday, from a total of 128. Independent MP Michel Mouawad received 42 and academic Issam Khalifeh received 6. Ziad Baroud, a former minister, received two.  1 vote was given to Ex-Customs Director Badri Daher and one ballot canceled.

However, 8 were given to “New Lebanon” and 50 MPs casted blank votes. Parliament is split between supporters of Hezbollah and its opponents. 

The votes for Mouawad, whose candidacy is opposed by Hezbollah, were fewer than the two-thirds needed for outright election in the first round. Hezbollah and their Amal allies then withdrew from the session, resulting in the loss of quorum and spiking any chance of a second round of voting.