Kataeb Party Blames Ruling Class for Conducting Biggest Electoral Bribery with Depositors’ Money

The Kataeb party on Tuesday stressed that the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister regarding the bankruptcy of the state and the Central Bank does not add anything new to a fact that everyone already knew about the country’s economic situation and that the system ignores in a bid to escape responsibility, saying that what is more dangerous than the spoken works are the attempts to escape from them and carry them with interpretations that in reality do not change anything, whether through the statements of the Central Bank or the statements of the Prime Minister.


“The state of denial experienced by this ruling class poses the greatest danger to the Lebanese, who have been explicitly informed that their money was squandered in random policies and that they will not recover their money as long as there is a group in power that refuses to admit its inability and its perpetration and is more unsuccessful than agreeing on a plan that saves what can be saved,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb pollical bureau following its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.


“The ruling system does not hesitate to continue stealing people’s money. Every day, more than 20 million dollars are drained from the remaining reserves of the Central Bank to protect itself from the consequences of the deterioration of the exchange rate with the aim of drugging people at the gates of elections in the largest electoral bribery paid from depositors’ seized money,” it noted.


The Kataeb party warned against the obstacles to disrupt the elections abroad by asking the expatriates to obtain new supporting documents to vote.


“Necessary decisions should be taken to grant the Lebanese expats the right to cast their votes with the papers they own and on the basis of which their names were registered to vote,” it added.


The Political Bureau refused the excuses that the system is trying to promote to disrupt the elections in Lebanon, the latest of which is the inability to supply power on the day of the May 15 parliamentary polls, deeming it a false pretence aimed at frustrating the Lebanese.


“We call on the international community to closely monitor the parliamentary elections and the authority’s maneuvers in a bid to preserve democracy in Lebanon and the right of the Lebanese to choose their representatives freely,” it pointed out.


"May 15th is a fateful day so as to save Lebanon from the grip of a group that has persisted in robbing the Lebanese, starving them, humiliating them and handing them over to a militia that held them as hostage,” it said.


“On the elections day, the Lebanese should conduct a comprehensive review and choose reliable and competent people who are willing to restore the country’s sovereignty and put it on the path towards recovery before it is too late,” it concluded.