Hankach: We Will Not Surrender, We Will Not Compromise

Candidate for the Maronite seat in Metn district Elias Hankach stressed that change will definitely be achieved in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“Last time the Kataeb party nominated me and gave me its most precious trust. Today we will continue together in this path seeking change of this terrible reality we are living in. We have full confidence that we will rebuild a new, developed Lebanon that is a country of law that respects the human and where our young people can achieve their dreams instead of migrating," Hankach said during the launch of “On Board of Change” electoral list.

“We have the power and ability, we knew very well how to benefit from it in 2000 when we broke the blockade with a martyr and hero named Pierre Gemayel, and that was the beginning. On March 14, 2005 we filled the squares and we had a great opportunity and we got rid of the Syrian occupation that lasted 15 years, and today also we are living a revolution that started on October 17. This protest was against the system that brought us here," he pointed out.

“When we have faith we can move mountains and when we have faith in achieving change we will be able to do so,” he added.

"We will not give up and we will remain faithful,” he said.

"Four years ago we entered the parliament and wanted to stabilize our young people in Lebanon that could be achieved by creating a working environment so that they don't have to emigrate," he added.

"Will you let us dream of developing our universities and schools to match the new labour market and to benefit from the young people?" he asked.

“We stood against the Dam of Bakaata, and we stood by the people of Mansourieh, Ain Saadeh and Beit Meri against the high tension. They promised us of 24/24 electricity but we reached a 24/24 darkness,” he added.

“We will always stick by Metn residents because together we can stop them, and the solution is to apply the law of administrative decentralization presented by Samy Gemayel so as to have a state equal to the citizens, “ he affirmed.

Hankache called on the Lebanese people to vote for candidates who say the truth and do not enjoy lying and whose positions are clear and for people who do not steal.

“Vote for candidates who challenge budgets that violate the law, for candidates who question governments and do not give confidence blindly and secure quorum at night, vote for candidates who face weapons and do not fear it and hand over the country. Vote for candidates who stand against the responsibles of August 4th explosion, vote for candidates who know for who to vote in the presidential elections and in the parliament and when nominating a prime minister, vote for candidates who do not compromise,” he said addressing the Lebanese voters.