Monday, May 9, 2022


Gemayel Addressing Nasrallah: We Will Never Give Up, We Will Not Let You Control the Country


Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday stressed that the Kataeb party was fighting the electoral battle alongside honourable people who will not compromise on Lebanon.

“The Lebanese people must take a decision on May 15 after all the compromises, bargains and the man-made collapse we are experiencing. There are people who have destroyed the country and handed it over to Hezbollah and brought us to this deteriorated situation,” Gemayel said during a popular gathering with members of “On Board for Change” electoral list. 

“We did not betray you and we did not process in a direction against your interests. We defended you and resisted while others surrendered,” he noted.

“We did not get into this difficult situation by chance and the question that should be asked on May 15 is " Are we going to vote for those responsible of this situation?” he asked.

Gemayel pointed out that everyone became an opposition a year before the elections, saying that they dragged us into this situation and now they are disavowing their actions.

“The first decision that must be taken is to vote for opposition and hold this ruling accountable as it cannot lie to the Lebanese people anymore,” he added.

“We will not deceive anyone who claims to be different from the rest. There are those who bear the responsibility and must be held accountable,” he said.

“Members of three electoral lists in Metn district have contributed in the election of President Michel Aoun and have voted on the current electoral law, fake budgets and taxes that have destroyed the lives of the Lebanese people. Moreover, these people have contributed in the renewal of Salameh’s term and were part of successive government that have committed mistakes and brought us to this deteriorated situation,” he noted.

“we will meet with the youth of Keserwan, the North, Beirut, Zahle, Baabda, Chouf, Aley, Jezzine, Tripoli and Akkar in the upcoming Parliament. We will form a new political force liberated from all the system to provide the Lebanese people with an alternative and rebuild our country,” he affirmed.

“The second decision is to know which opposition and change we want. Does change mean adopting centralization or decentralization?” he asked.

“We want every region to improve its hospitals, roads and waste. Decentralization is essential for us,” he noted.

Gemayel called on the Lebanese people to be aware while casting their votes, saying that they should take a look on the electoral program before voting.

““On Board of Change” electoral list is proposing accountability for those who believe in the political game that has destroyed our lives. Secondly, we believe that Lebanon should not be held as hostage anymore and we should confront in all possible means,” he pointed out.

“Lebanon is a neutral and stable country that builds itself, its youth and its economy, and supports individual initiative,” he said.

“The change we want on May 15th is for people you trust who have not entered into settlements, and have remained steadfast against assassinations,” he added.

“I have the honour to represent the 6000 martyr who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Lebanon,” he stressed.

“We will not surrender and you will not hold sway over the country. We want to live the way we want and not like you want,” he said addressing Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. 

The Kataeb leader reiterated that the Kataeb party would provide the Lebanese with a transparent and serious decision on May 15.

“We will provide the Lebanese people with an alternative so as to build a free country that ressemble us and our youth based on clear principles,” he affirmed.

“We will not let them escape accountability. We will hold every responsible accountable for wasting the Lebanese people, whether the bank or the Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh or a minister or a leader of a party,” he added.

“We are fighting this battle for the sake of our country. We should take action to win this battle alongside people who resemble us,” he noted.

“We rely on the Lebanese people on May 15 who have to take the right decision and vote for the opposition and the change they seek,” he concluded.