Gemayel Says Kataeb Party Will Not Compromise on Its Principles

Kataeb leader and candidate for the Maronite seat in Metn Samy Gemayel deemed the upcoming elections as a referendum between two approaches, the approach of slogans, compromises, surrender, narrow interests and lying to the people and the approach of steadiness, clarity of vision and efficiency, stressing that this referendum is a national referendum not only in Metn district rather in all Lebanon.


“The ball is in your court. Let the official and the deputy fear the people as he is your servant and he must be afraid of you and think of you every time he votes,” Gemayel addressing the voters during the launch of “On Board of Change” electoral list which includes Rima Njeim, Mouna Succar Labaky, Samy Gemayel, Elias Hankache, Simon Abou Fadel, Krikor Mardikian and Samir Saliba.


"I am Samy Gemayel, a Lebanese fighter in the Kataeb Party, Carine’s husband and father to Joyce and Kamy,” he said.


"All the struggle we fought in Huvelin against the Syrian occupation, in the martyrs square on March 14th and the struggle and confrontation between 2005 and 2015, was tears and oppression. We lost our most precious comrades Pierre Gemayel and Antoine Ghanem and we stood alone starting from 2015-2016 in the face of the whole system to be faithful to our principles and all those who sacrificed themselves for the sake of our people and our free and independent Lebanon,” he pointed out.


"During our visits to the residents in Metn, we saw tears and oppressed people and they were asking us, “Is there any hope for change?" he said.


"On May 15th, they will able to answer this question," he affirmed. "Prove them that they cannot cheat on the Lebanese people and the Metn on the elections day. But the important thing is to take the right decision and choose the right people,” he added.


Gemayel deemed the electoral battle as crucial, saying that the party will triumph. “We pledge to refuse to live temporarily and exert our efforts to provide you with a radical solution so that citizens and the next generations do not experience the same crises,” he emphasized.


“We pledge to confront Hezbollah’s control over Lebanon and develop the political system starting with the decentralization placed in the drawer of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, as well as to apply full neutrality from all the conflicts in the region, and work on an economic plan based on an economic vision and a balanced system that provides jobs for all Lebanese,” he noted.


“We also pledge to work to activate all free institutions on which billions of dollars are squandered on government hospitals that no one benefits from, and on the Lebanese university that is losing its position,” he affirmed.


“We pledge before you to activate all institutions that cater all your needs, and we pledge not to vote except for a president who respects Lebanon's sovereignty and independence and is ready to defend it and we will not vote for a Parliament Speaker who will put laws in the drawers, and we pledge not to vote to bring a head of government that covers the corrupt and is at the mercy of Hezbollah. We will remain faithful and will not compromise,” he concluded.