Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Bou Abboud Calls for a Courageous President Who Is Able to Address Hezbollah's Illegal Weapons


Kataeb Political Bureau Member Joelle Bou Abboud affirmed that Thursday’s presidential elections session would be the same as the past ones.

“When we call for respecting the Constitution and not disrupting the session’s quorum, we did not say that there was a possibility of electing a president with 33 votes. The election of a president takes place by a majority of 65 votes. As for the quorum, in accordance with the Constitution, it is calculated by the absolute majority in the first session. As for the legislator, he did not draft the Constitution on the basis that there are people who would choose disruption,” Bou Abboud said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon.

“The presidential candidate MP Michel Mouawad is holding talks with all the Lawmakers in a bid to collect the largest number of votes. We, as the Kataeb Party, are supporting and helping him,” she pointed out.

“We seek a courageous President who is able to address the issue of Hezbollah’s illegal weapons and many other economic and political issues,” she added.

“Hezbollah has benefited the most from the institutions since Mar Mikhael Agreement. It obtained the majority in the parliament and in governments. It has even imposed the Former President of the Republic,” she stressed.