Saturday, November 26, 2022


Six Arrested after Army Raid and Shooting in the Bekaa

Source: L'Orient Today

The Lebanese Army arrested six suspects on Saturday following a search in the village of Hour Taala, in the eastern Bekaa, during which an exchange of fire occurred, L'Orient Today's correspondent in the area reported.

An individual, identified by the initiatls J.M. along with several of his children and a number of Syrian nationals, all of whom were wanted for drug trafficking, were arrested, according to our correspondent.

A Lebanese Army intelligence united force conducted a search at J.M.'s home, before clashes broke out with several local suspects holed up in the area, our correspondent reported, adding that the army arrested several of those involved without causing any injuries. Weapons and ammunition were seized, as well as drugs, the quantity of which was not specified, while further searches were conducted in the same area, our correspondent added.

The Lebanese Army announced via Twitter that it had conducted a search in Hour Taala and arrested several suspects. It also said that soldiers came under fire during the operation and returned fire, but no casualties were reported.

The security situation in Lebanon has deteriorated significantly in recent years, as the country confronts an unprecedented economic crisis. The Bekaa, where weapons are widely available, is often the scene of bloody clashes between the military and heavily armed gangs, while the state struggles to impose its authority.