Friday, November 18, 2022


Hankach: Berri and His Party Are Using Quorum as an Excuse to Disrupt Presidential Elections Sessions


Lawmaker Elias Hankach said that Kataeb Leader Samy Gemayel was very clear about the constitutional article that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri relied on to disrupt the quorum in the presidential elections session, saying that the Speaker’s answer was not convincing and unconstitutional.

“The Parliament Speaker and his political party are using the quorum as an excuse to disrupt the sessions and pick a president affiliated to them as happened before. They disrupted the presidential elections sessions and then they elected Michel Aoun as President of the Republic while the Kataeb Party refused that deal,” Hankach said in an interview with Sky News Arabia.

He called on all deputies to stay in the Parliament until picking a new Head of State as Lebanon is a democratic country, voicing his concern over prolongation of presidential vacuum due to March 8 camp disruption.

“There is a new dynamic in the Parliament that is not affected by foreign decisions unlike the current ruling system that keeps on disrupting the presidential elections,” he noted.

Hankach said that the Kataeb Party played a major role in holding talks with the opposition in a bid to have the same view over one presidential candidate.

“We are open with candidate Michel Mouawad, on the methods that would be adopted during the upcoming period,” he concluded.