Judge Abou Samra Appoints 3 Accounting and Financial Auditing Experts to Audit Salameh File

A judicial source revealed to Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Anba" that the first investigative judge, Charbel Abou Samra, appointed a committee of three accounting and financial auditing experts to study some documents and provide clear explanations in the file of BDL’s Governor Riad Salameh.

The judicial source confirmed that the investigative judge was delaying setting a date to summon Salamé until he receives the experts' report.

Meanwhile, as of yesterday, the Public Prosecution in Lebanon did not receive from Judge Abou Samra the minutes of the interrogation sessions that Salameh underwent for two days in front of the European judicial delegation. Informed sources said that the General Public Prosecutor of Lebanon, Judge Ghassan Oueidat, upon receiving these minutes, will dispatch them through diplomatic channels to the concerned countries.