Hankach Calls for the Election of Head of State, Says Quorum Disruption Aims at Extending Presidential Vacuum

Kataeb Lawmaker Elias Hankach reiterated the importance of electing a new Head of State, stressing that Kataeb Party’s commitment to the nomination of MP Michel Mouawad for presidential elections.

“Hezbollah is the main support in the election of Former President of the Republic Michel Aoun. Aoun’s Era was Hezbollah’s. Today, the Lebanese are not ready to extend their sufferings for six additional years,” Hankach said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon.

"Hezbollah always brings a president who does not have a Christian representation. Sleiman Frangieh has one deputy, and Hezbollah, instead of retreating after its failure, keeps insisting on electing Frangieh,”  he noted.

"Hezbollah's agenda is linked to a regional and international level, and Lebanon is not among its priorities," he added.

Hankach said that Hezbollah must review its calculations today, especially after the demarcation of maritime borders which was tantamount to signing an armistice with Israel.

“The disruption of quorum in presidential elections sessions aims at extending the presidential vacuum,” he concluded.