Gemayel: Michel Aoun Does Not Represent Lebanon But Rather the Representative of the Terrorist Militia

Resigned Kataeb lawmaker Nadim Gemayel on Tuesday lambasted the remarks made by President Michel Aoun in which the latter defended Hezbollah and considered that resisting the occupation is not an act of terrorism,
“Hezbollah which is made up of Lebanese and has liberated the South from the Israeli occupation has no effect on the security of the Lebanese,” Aoun said.


“Michel Aoun does not represent Lebanon. He is nothing rather the representative of the terrorist militia,” Gemayel tweeted.


“The assassination of Lebanese leaders is an act of terrorism!” he noted.


“Killing an Army officer is an act of terrorism!” he added.


“The domination and the destruction of the state and its institutions is an act of terrorism!” he pointed out.


“Igniting Beirut on the 4th of August and Ain-Remmaneh Clashes are also acts of terrorism!” he concluded.