Internal Security Forces Thwarts Smuggling of 160,000 Captagon Pills to African Country

Internal Security Forces' Information Division on Monday has thwarted the smuggling of 160,000 captagon pills hidden inside a machine intended for shipment to an African country.

“The Information Division, as a result of its continuous follow-up and crackdown on drug trafficking networks, received information that a 21-year-old Syrian national would be transporting the pills from the Bekaa to Beirut hidden in a machine,” the statement read.

“After interrogating him, he confessed to what was attributed to him, and that he moved the machine that contained a quantity of seized captagon pills from a warehouse in a town in the Bekaa Valley and took it to Beirut, where he was supposed to deposit it in a warehouse in Dekwaneh in preparation for shipping it abroad,” it added.

"Efforts are "underway to arrest all those involved" in the case," it said.