Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Failure to Elect President Threatens Collapse of State, Warns US Official

Source: L'Orient Today

Not electing a new president could lead to the "collapse of the Lebanese state," US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf stated Monday.

In an interview with the US-based Alhurra television channel, Leaf said that since the Biden administration had taken charge, it has witnessed a series of crises befall Lebanon, which "not only threaten the economy but also play a role in the collapse of society." 

"We have drawn up plans to help Lebanon, whether by supporting the Lebanese Army, facilitating energy agreements or supporting negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, but all of these measures will not have an effect unless the Lebanese Parliament does its work by electing a president," she said.

Leaf added the US cannot help elect a president and that Lebanese authorities "have to do it."

Since former president Michel Aoun's term ended on Oct. 31, Parliament has failed to elect a new head of state despite holding six sessions for that purpose. 

USAID chief Samantha Power visited Lebanon earlier in November, pledging $72 million in humanitarian assistance.