Sunday, February 20, 2022


Kataeb Party Ready to Fight the Battle


Kataeb party on Sunday launched its electoral campaign for the upcoming elections, assuring that it is a “part of the change” to which the Lebanese aspire.


Head of electoral operations and logistics Ralph Sahyoun presented the initiatives and activities of the party, as well as the calendar of the electoral campaign. 


For his part, Kataeb Secretary General Serge Dagher addressed the structure of the electoral machine, party’s initiatives and activities, nominations and alliances.


“The Kataeb party always takes action and it will ally with anyone who believes in reforms and sovereignty,” he stressed.


For his part, Vice President of the Kataeb Party Georges Jreij noted that the Kataeb party is ready to fight this battle alongside all those who resemble it, saying that the party will not compromise on Lebanon’s sovereignty.


“The Kataeb party is ready to fight this battle. We will fight this battle against the corrupt people; Lebanon deserves to be a state,” he noted.

“The 2022 May legislative elections will tackle the suffering of the Lebanese people who are experiencing a very challenging situation,” he added.


Jreij finally praised Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel for his dedication in reviving the flame of the revolution within the party.