Friday, November 18, 2022


Gemayel Deems Two-Thirds Quorum in Second Round of Presidential Elections as Hezbollah's Bargaining Chip


Kataeb Leader Samy Gemayel affirmed that his party would not vote for a president who tries to “patch up” issues, saying that approach of having a president from March 8 camp and a prime minister from March 14 camp would mean “the end of the world” as the presidency would have been dedicated to Hezbollah.

“We seek a new president of the republic who addressed all the country’s main and structural problems as Hezbollah’s illegal weapons, the economic situation, Lebanon’s electricity and many more. We, as the Kataeb Party, are holding talks with the all opposition forces, the Moderation Bloc, the Lebanese Forces, Change Bloc, the Progressive Socialist Party and Tajadod Bloc and we are trying to play a role in fortifying the large group to reach a unified confrontation,” Gemayel said in an interview with MTV.

"Legislation in the absence of a president and of an authentic government is meaningless; instead of solving the problem of the presidential vacuum, some are trying to manage and organize the vacuum," Gemayel stated.

"Who said that I am not convinced of Michel Mouawad? No one was asked to vote for Mouawad by the Saudi Ambassador or anyone else; what brings us together with Mouawad are strategic constants, and we agree with him on sovereign and economic files," he noted.

When asked about the quorum in the presidential elections sessions, he noted: “Article 49 of the Lebanese Constitution stipulates the majority and not the quorum. Parliament Speaker Berri relies on a constitutional jurisprudence that is not based on any constitutional provision unless late Patriarch Sfeir has a constitutional article in his name, and no MP can use the Constitution to disrupt the quorum; if we adhere to the two-thirds quorum, it means that we are following the same levelling logic that destroyed the country.” 

Gemayel deemed two-thirds of quorum in the second round of the presidential elections as Hezbollah’s bargaining chip.

"We are not ready to remain hostage to Hezbollah's decisions and choices that destroyed the country, and its continued dealing with us in this manner will lead us to a state of "divorce" with it and force us to adopt other measures, as it threatens the country's unity," he added.

Gemayel said that his party made sacrifices that prevent it from putting any interests, narrow policies, or bargains before sacrifices, the homeland, and sovereignty, even if that costed it parliamentary seats and leaving power, saying that the Kataeb Party is entrusted with the country.

He also believed that Lebanon’s maritime deal with Israel was not a historical achievement for Lebanon, but rather for Israel.

"It was a great achievement for Israel because it began to extract gas from Karish field and sell it. The agreement could have been concluded in a clearer way, as there are considerations that we do not know. Hezbollah practically recognized Israel and supported an agreement on which the State of Israel is written," he emphasized.

"Hezbollah has recognized Israel in the maritime border demarcation agreement, and even did "business" with it," Gemayel noted.

Kataeb Leader paid tribute to his brother, martyr Pierre Gemayel on his 16th assassination anniversary, saying that he sacrificed his life for the sake of Lebanon.

"Pierre, you are in our hearts. We will not compromise, and we will remain loyal to you and to your blood. We will achieve your dream, no matter how long it takes," Gemayel said addressing his brother martyr Pierre Gemayel.

“Pierre did not make any compromises to obtain any political position. We, as the Kataeb Party, are entrusted with principles and the Lebanese people. Pierre, Bachir, Maya, Amine and 5818 Kataeb members paid the price of this path,” he pointed out.

“There is injustice in all assassinations in which we have not reached the truth and the arrest of perpetrators, except for the assassination of martyr Rafic Hariri, which was examined by an international tribunal; if we were to rely on the Lebanese judicial agencies in the Beirut port crime under the shadow of the state, the result would be no justice,” he added.

“The assassination scenario is possible since Lebanon is used as a regional card, and some countries are able to blow up the situation internally for the sake of some calculations, but we can overcome it as MPs through our national conscience and by electing a president,” Gemayel added.

"The Kataeb Party takes its decisions based on the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. If everyone followed the same path, we would not have reached this deteriorated situation," he concluded.